Save Big Cypress National Preserve From Off-road Vehicles

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The National Park Service is preparing a plan to let more vehicles into the most pristine parts of Big Cypress National Preserve, a magical, primeval landscape of hanging moss, submerged watery trails, alligators and birds. It wants to carve 200 miles of off-road vehicle trails into this precious and fragile place.

The plan puts the thrills of a small number of ORV riders over the needs of quiet recreationists, delicate ecosystems and vulnerable wildlife. Wetlands and habitats that have been classified as “unsuitable” or “not resilient” could be damaged or destroyed. Adding insult to injury, the Park Service also wants to get rid of the annual 60-day closure requirement for ORV trails — a form of relief that has let the landscape recover from off-road impacts for 20 years.

Help save Big Cypress by sending a letter to the Park Service urging it to abandon its destructive plans.

Copy the letter below, go to the Park Service comment form, and paste the letter into the form. For the most impact, customize your comment by adding a few words about who you are and what Big Cypress National Preserve means to you.


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