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Join us! Let’s elect green democrats all across Florida.

You can conveniently and securely join online for just $10 yearly (calendar year) for state DECF dues. The county chapter’s dues vary.

After paying your $10 state dues, the thank-you page will allow you to pay your chapter dues via ActBlue with the funds deposited directly to your county chapter’s bank account. Your $10 will go to the state organization.  Additional contributions are greatly appreciated and the balance over that will go to your local county chapter.   State-level DECF members may participate in activities of the Caucus and vote in the elections for state officers and directors.

Get Involved with the Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida

Joining the Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida (DECF) is an opportunity to be part of a passionate community dedicated to electing candidates to address our environmental and climate crisis and create a sustainable and equitable future for our state. Whether you’re looking to volunteer your skills, join our state-level organization, or become a member of a county chapter, your involvement is crucial to our mission. 

Every DECF activity is geared towards our goals, establishing and supporting environmental policy and ensuring that voters support candidates who will pursue environmental policy when in office.

There is a Place for You to Help

You can help with our ongoing activities by joining a state committee.

Additionally, anyone is welcome to join our upcoming events, participate in an existing state campaign (see main menu), and contact officials on pending legislation.

Joining State-Level DECF for $10

Becoming a member of the state-level DECF is your chance to be at the forefront of environmental advocacy in Florida. For just $10, you can join us in our mission to protect Florida’s natural resources and advocate for sustainable policies. As a state-level member, you will:

  • Participate in activities of the State Caucus and vote in the elections for state officers and directors.
  • Play a role in shaping our policies and direction.

Join a DECF County Chapter

For those wanting to be more involved locally, joining a DECF county chapter is an excellent option. As a county chapter member, you will:

  • Be directly involved in local environmental initiatives and campaigns.
  • Have the opportunity to hold positions within the county chapter and contribute to its leadership.
  • Network with local members and collaborate on community projects.
  • Attend county-level meetings and events, gaining insights into local environmental issues.
  • The President of each DECF Chapter serves on the board of the state DECF.  

To join a DECF county chapter, select your county from our list and follow the instructions to register and pay your membership dues.

Your involvement, whether as a volunteer, a state-level member, or a county chapter member, is vital to advancing our mission. Together, we can make a significant impact on Florida’s environmental future. Join us today and be part of the change!

Starting a County Chapter

If your county does not yet have a DECF chapter, starting one is a significant way to make a difference at the local level. If you would like to learn more about starting a county chapter, contact: [email protected]

Your active participation in DECF, whether at the state or county level, is vital to driving environmental change in Florida. Each role offers a unique way to contribute to our mission and make a tangible impact. Join us in our journey towards a greener, more sustainable Florida. Get involved today!