Our Platform

Our Platform

Climate Change is Here 

The DECF believes that unless we take climate change seriously and enact policies to reduce the damage that future disasters will create and address the causes of climate change, large portions of our state will become unlivable, and what remains will be unaffordable.
Florida is ground zero when it comes to the effects of Climate Change. We already experience extreme heat, rising sea levels, increased ocean and freshwater temperatures, ocean and freshwater acidification, and extreme weather, including more storms of greater intensity. 
The “side effects” are just as devastating: economic loss, increased health issues, migration of people, plants, animals, and pests, including the viruses and bacteria they transmit, and species extinction.

Environmental Justice

The DECF believes that underserved communities have borne the brunt of climate change and air and water pollution without a fair distribution of resources to mitigate those issues. These communities should be front and center in obtaining those resources. 

The DECF Supports Climate Change Solutions 

The DECF supports the goal of reaching net zero by 2050, including reducing fossil fuel emissions by 30% by 2030 and significantly reducing the release of methane into our atmosphere.

Living with the Short and Long-Term Consequences of Climate Change

The DECF believes that neither the traditional disaster relief programs of FEMA and the Red Cross nor private insurance markets have the capacity to fund the massive costs of climate disasters nor fund and implement changes to our communities that certainly will take place due to sea level rise and the warming of our planet. The DECF supports disaster relief, restoration, and resiliency measures that are consistent with recognizing the inevitable changes we will need to our coastline and flood-prone communities, and also ensures that Environmental Justice communities are full partners and beneficiaries of these changes.

Land Management Policies: Native Wildlife and Plant Habitat, Natural Carbon Capturing

The DECF supports land management policies and regulations that protect native wildlife and plant habitats, enhance natural carbon capturing, and reduce extreme heat through local climate change mitigation measures:

Air, Land and Water Pollution

The DECF supports the elimination of air, land, and water pollution at its source and the removal of existing pollution. 

Campaign Finance Reform and Deceptive Marketing Practices of Fossil Fuel Interests

The DECF recognizes that to accomplish our goals, we must eliminate the control that fossil fuel interests have over our lawmakers by enacting campaign finance reform measures and eliminate the control fossil fuel and greenhouse gas emitting interests have over the public understanding of the climate crisis and global warming.

Increase Environmental and Climate Literacy

The DECF supports education about climate change science and natural history at all educational levels.


The DECF believes that federal and state governments should enact laws and regulations that provide minimum standards protecting our environmental health and safety without restricting local governments from strengthening those standards.