Miami-Dade Chapter Endorsements


The Miami-Dade Democratic Environmental Caucus (MDEC) has begun to announce official endorsements for the 2018 election cycle. An endorsement from MDEC indicates that the Caucus believes the candidate is environmentally sensitive and will, by their votes, influence, and sponsored legislation, work to support both the Party’s environmental platform and the platform of the environmental movement in general. These decisions are based on a year-long process by which the MDEC — a group of dedicated environmental experts and leaders — consulted with other experts and leaders within the Democratic party and the environmental movement to determine which issues were most urgent, salient, and important to constituents. Based on these discussions, a questionnaire was formed, which was then sent to every candidate in a Miami-Dade election. After a candidate completed the questionnaire, an in-person follow-up discussion was held. And as a last step, the general body of the MDEC met across several sessions to make final endorsement decisions.

While more endorsements are underway, the MDEC is proud to officially endorse the following Miami-Dade candidates:


All candidates that have been endorsed have already signed onto or pledged to sign on to both the Now or Neverglades Declaration and the Florida Environmental Bill of Rights.

For our latest press release on the endorsements, please click here.

If you are interested in more information about these endorsements, please contact Dustin Thaler at 786-897-6288.