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Fracking Bill Dead in FL Legislature

Stalemate!!! Fracking Bill is dead for this year! The Florida House and Senate could not agree on a fracking ban in the 2017 Session.  The House wanted a scientific study before instituting a ban, where the Senate wanted a ban based on what is already known about Florida’s geology, fracking, and the need to protect […]

DECF Position: Plastic Bag Fee/Tax

According to the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, between 500 billion and one trillion plastic bags are used worldwide each year. Less than 1% of plastic bags are recycled. Many of the bags find their way into our waterways via drains and sewage pipes, where they account for over 10% of the debris washed up […]

DECF Position: Developments of Regional Impact

Over the past decade, new legislation has weakened higher impact review of Developments of Regional Impact (DRI) at city, county, regional, and state agency levels. Departments, divisions, and other offices previously responsible for thorough analysis of environmental impact have been packed by gubernatorial board appointees who possess apparent conflicts of interest, owing to their private-sector […]

DECF Position: Water Resources

OUR PURPOSE: We focus on the critical issue of water preservation and allocation in the face of rapidly increasing demand from both private and for-profit community groups. Our principles and actions are intended to address the common and shared values and needs of Florida residents and businesses. We believe the need to provide water for […]