Lake Okeechobee potential for algae blooms


Paul Laura submits this about Lake O. & Estuaries:

Information below was extracted from the SFWMD Environmental Conditions Report for 2017-07-18.

Lake Okeechobee

‘Lake stage is 12.56 feet NGVD having increased by 0.12 feet over the past week and 0.63 feet over the past month. Ascension rates over the past three weeks were much slower than they were throughout most of June. Conditions continue to be favorable for algal blooms in northern portions of the Lake based on satellite imagery from early to mid-July, with the first blooms and microcystin detections reported in late June’s water quality samples………

The most recent satellite imagery (July 9 and July 16) indicates that the bloom potential seems to be further intensifying in the northern portion of the Lake in general, with the northeastern and western regions, but now also the central portion of the Lake, with potentially elevated chlorophyll values…….”.

Lake Okeechobee


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