About Us

Our Mission

DECF is dedicated to the election of outstanding Democratic candidates who will confront the urgent environmental and climate crisis through sound legislative environmental policy.

DECF recognizes the importance of an informed and engaged electorate and is committed to providing accessible and accurate information on environmental issues, climate science, and on proposed environmental legislation to empower voters to make environmentally conscious choices at the ballot box.

DECF believes that electoral politics is key to addressing the environmental and climate challenges that we face.

What We Strive For:

DECF is dedicated to electing outstanding Democratic candidates who will tackle the pressing environmental and climate crisis through effective legislative policies.

Recognizing the importance of an informed electorate, DECF commits to providing accessible and accurate information on environmental issues and proposed legislation, empowering voters to make environmentally conscious choices.

We believe electoral politics are crucial in addressing our environmental challenges.

Our Goals:

  1. Climate Action: Urgent measures needed to mitigate climate change impacts on Florida.
  2. Environmental Justice: Prioritize underserved communities affected by climate change and pollution.
  3. Net Zero by 2050: Support reducing fossil fuel emissions and methane release by significant margins.
  4. Climate Resilience: Prepare for and address the short and long-term consequences of climate change.
  5. Sustainable Land Management: Protect native habitats and promote natural carbon capturing.
  6. Pollution Elimination: Work towards eliminating air, land, and water pollution.
  7. Campaign Finance Reform: Reduce fossil fuel influence through campaign finance reform.
  8. Environmental Education: Promote climate literacy across all educational levels.
  9. Government Regulation: Advocate for minimum environmental standards while allowing for local strengthening.

Our Work

Influencing Policy and Legislation

As an extension of the Florida Democratic Party, DECF uniquely influences policy and legislation at both state and local levels. By supporting environmentally-conscious candidates and promoting green policies, DECF plays a crucial role in shaping a legislative agenda that prioritizes environmental concerns.

Fostering a Green Economy For all!

DECF understands the importance of transitioning to a green economy for sustainable development. By advocating for green jobs and sustainable industry practices, DECF contributes to an economic transformation that benefits the environment and Florida’s economy.

Education and Community Engagement

DECF is not just a political entity; it’s also a community educator and organizer. By raising awareness about environmental issues, educating the public, and mobilizing community action, DECF is critical in building a well-informed and engaged citizenry ready to tackle environmental challenges.

Global Impact, Local Action

While the fight against climate change is a worldwide effort, DECF exemplifies the importance of local action. By addressing environmental issues within Florida, DECF contributes to broader global efforts to combat climate change, setting an example for effective ecological stewardship at the local level.