FDP Environmental Resolutions


Environmental Resolutions adopted by the
Florida Democratic Party, Oct. 2017

Title: Environmental Justice for All Floridians

The Florida Democratic Party (FDP) supports environmental protections, renewable energy, clean air, food and water for all Floridians.
Resolution Language:
WHEREAS, the FDP seeks environmental justice through careful stewardship of our land, air, and water, and sustainable growth management of our infrastructure development;
WHEREAS, Floridians must have access to clean, safe drinking water and food and Florida’s aquifer is already compromised from overuse and polluted runoff. We must protect Florida’s beaches, waterways, and unique ecosystems that are on the verge of collapse;
WHEREAS, The adverse impacts of extreme weather events, saltwater intrusion into the aquifer, shoreline erosion, rising sea levels, spreading invasive species, algae blooms, fish kills, droughts, floods, wildfires, and loss of biodiversity negatively impact Floridians unique ecological habitats upon which our livelihoods and quality of life depend.
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, Florida must invest in renewable solar and wind energy sources, as migrating Florida’s power grid to renewable solar and wind sources will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, and their associated human health impacts while improving economic opportunity in Florida.
Florida Democrats oppose hydraulic fracturing, acid fracturing and well-stimulation (fracking), the construction, operation, and funding of the Sabal Trail, and other projects that the negative environmental impacts outweigh the economic value.
Florida Democrats will encourage the use of reusable and recycled containers and products in lieu of plastics.
BE IT ALSO RESOLVED, The Florida Democratic Party calls upon our state legislators to propose and/or support legislation that will uphold these environmental protections and support pro-environmental policies that help create better paying jobs and a living wage.


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