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    DECF Officers

    President: Janelle Christensen, PhD, MPH | Contact: PresidentDECF@gmail.com
    Vice President: Dustin Thaler, MS
    Secretary: Tiffany Furr Grantham
    Treasurer: Sanjiv Jagtap, MEng
    Chapter Development Advisor: Barbara Klein
    Science Advisor: John Capece, PhD

    At Large Board Members (5):

    Bill Bucolo (Pinellas Chapter)
    Doreen Dupont, MD (Sarasota Chapter)
    Mary Hope Schowbel, PhD (Broward Chapter)
    Wayne Brody, JD (Miami-Dade Chapter)
    Lucy Triamanco (Pinellas Chapter)

    Chapter Chairs (Automatic Board Members)

    Alachua DECF Chapter
    Chair: Rock Aboujaoude
    Contact: rockrj@rocketmail.com

    Brevard DECF
    Chair: Adam Tritt
    Contact: adamus@cfl.rr.com

    Broward DECF Chapter
    Chair: Adrienne Kaltman, JD
    Contact: kaltman82@aol.com

    Charlotte DECF Chapter:
    Chair: Phyllis Wojcik
    Contact: phylwojcik@gmail.com

    Collier DECF Chapter
    Chair: David Holden
    Contact: davehoco@gmail.com

    Escambia DECF Chapter:
    Chair: Sarah Randolph
    Contact: srandolph57@gmail.com

    Hendry DECF Chapter:
    Chair: Scott Perry
    Contact: scottyperry27@gmail.com

    Hillsborough DECF Chapter
    Chair: Russell Conn
    Contact: DecfHCChair@gmail.com

    Lee DECF Chapter
    Chair: Rob Ross, JD
    Contact: rossfladems@aol.com

    Leon DECF Chapter
    Chair: John Hedrick
    Contact: johnhedrick13@yahoo.com

    Levy DECF Chapter (in development)

    Manatee DECF Chapter
    Chair: Bob McCaa
    Contact: mccaa_robert@hotmail.com

    Martin DECF Chapter
    Chair: Jackie Trancynger
    Contact: realsquack@aol.com

    Miami-Dade DECF Chapter
    Chair: Zac Cosner
    Contact: zcosner@gmail.com

    Okaloosa DECF Chapter
    Chair: Cay Burton
    Contact: cay.burton@gmail.com

    Pasco DECF Chapter
    Chair: Lee Ogden
    Contact: ogden2014@gmail.com

    Pinellas DECF Chapter
    Chair: Patricia Plantamura
    Contact: pplantam@hotmail.com

    Sarasota DECF Chapter
    Chair: Barbara Klein
    Contact: barbara.klein4545@gmail.com

    St. Johns Chapter
    Chair: John Pilecki
    Contact: johnpilecki@gmail.com

    Walton DECF Chapter
    Chair: Samantha Hope Herring
    Contact: samanthahopeherring@gmail.com