Broward Chapter DECF

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As part of the Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida, the Broward Chapter works with the Florida Democratic Party, environmental organizations, scientists, activists, academics and other experts to protect and restore our natural environment by:

  • – Presenting educational programs and community forums on environmental issues that include climate change and energy, and policies that are or will be of concern to voters;
  • -Identifying, evaluating, and supporting Democratic candidates and elected officials who endorse action on these critical environmental issues;
  • -Participating in voter registration and getting-out-the-vote drives;
  • -Providing the Party, candidates, elected officials and voters with
    educational resources, credible data, informed opinion, and effective
    environmental policy proposals; and
  • -Supporting the development, adoption and implementation of environmentally sound legislation and public policy.

Chair: Adrienne Kaltman
Vice Chair/Secretary: Tiffany Furr Grantham
Treasurer: Lori E. Gold
Board Member: Jeff Dorian
Board Member: Saima Farooqui
Board Member: Tony Gonzalez
Board Member: Joanne Oyen
Board Member: Mary Hope Schwoebel
Board Member: Verne Sibble

The 2018 endorsement process for each Democratic candidate in a federal or state race within Broward jurisdiction involved an environmental questionnaire and often a personal interview after which endorsement selections were made.