Endorsed Candidates by the Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida

The Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida (DECF) is proud to endorse candidates who firmly commit to environmental stewardship and sustainable policies. These candidates are chosen for their dedication to advancing our mission: protecting Florida’s natural resources, advocating for environmental justice, and promoting a green economy. On our Endorsed Candidates page, you will find individuals who embody these values and work tirelessly to create a sustainable future for Florida.

List of Endorsed Candidates

Below is a list of candidates endorsed by DECF for the current election cycle. These individuals have demonstrated exceptional leadership in environmental matters and are committed to making a positive impact in Florida:

Coming soon!

Our Endorsement Process

Our endorsement process is thorough, ensuring that each candidate’s policies, actions, and vision align with the core principles of DECF. We evaluate candidates based on the following:

  • Their track record in environmental advocacy and policy.
  • The ecological initiatives they plan to implement.
  • Their commitment to environmental justice and sustainable practices.
  • Their overall alignment with DECF’s mission and values.
  • Their commitment to the Florida Environment Bill of Rights.

Why Endorsements Matter

Endorsements by DECF serve multiple purposes:

  • Guiding Voters: Our endorsements provide voters with informed choices, highlighting candidates who prioritize environmental concerns.
  • Supporting Policy Makers: By endorsing candidates, we support policymakers who can make significant legislative impacts on environmental issues.
  • Strengthening Advocacy: Endorsements amplify our advocacy efforts, highlighting critical environmental issues and the candidates who support them.

Get Involved

Support our endorsed candidates by participating in their campaigns, spreading the word, and casting your vote for environmental champions. Your involvement can make a crucial difference in ensuring environmental priorities are represented in Florida’s governance.
Keep this page bookmarked for updates on our endorsed candidates and learn more about how they plan to contribute to a greener, more sustainable Florida. Your vote and support for these candidates are vital in our collective effort to protect our state’s natural beauty and resources for future generations.