Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida

To Elect outstanding Democratic candidates who promote sound policy that addresses our Environment and Climate Crisis.
To Inform Legislators, Candidates, and Voters on environmental policy issues.
To Advocate for sound environmental policy which will enhance the quality of life for all Florida residents.

Who Are We?

DECF is a statewide organization under the auspices of the Florida Democratic Party, with chapters in many Florida counties. We conduct activities state wide, with the DECF organization, and in our counties, through our county chapters.

Our Mission Statement

The purpose of the Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida is to engage in education and advocacy to promote candidates, legislation, constitutional amendments, government policy, and public practices that slow climate change and that preserve and protect Florida’s natural resources, including, but not limited to, its atmosphere, sea and gulf coasts, aquifers, waterways, wetlands, wild lands, parks, habitats, and wildlife. DECF also pursues environmental justice. Accordingly, DECF works towards a just transition to a green economy to promote and sustain the welfare of all Floridians, including indigenous peoples and all of Florida’s marginalized communities. We want to empower everyone to effectively contribute to solutions to the climate crisis and other environmental challenges.

Why Our Efforts Matter

The Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida (DECF) plays a crucial role in shaping a sustainable and equitable future for Florida, a state uniquely positioned at the forefront of environmental challenges and opportunities. Here’s why our caucus matters:

Advocacy at the Forefront of Climate Change

Florida’s geographical location makes it particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, including rising sea levels, increased frequency of extreme weather events, and threats to biodiversity. DECF is a vital voice in advocating for policies and practices addressing these urgent issues, ensuring they remain at the forefront of political discourse and action.

Protection of Florida’s Natural Treasures

Florida is renowned for its rich natural resources, including its beaches, Everglades, coral reefs, and diverse ecosystems. DECF’s work is pivotal in preserving these irreplaceable treasures for future generations, advocating for policies that protect and sustain Florida’s unique environmental landscape.

Promoting Environmental Justice

Recognizing that environmental issues disproportionately affect marginalized communities, DECF is committed to advancing environmental justice. This involves advocating for policies that ensure equitable distribution of environmental benefits and burdens and supporting initiatives that empower and uplift communities most impacted by environmental degradation.

Influencing Policy and Legislation

As an extension of the Florida Democratic Party, DECF uniquely influences policy and legislation at both state and local levels. By supporting environmentally-conscious candidates and promoting green policies, DECF plays a crucial role in shaping a legislative agenda that prioritizes environmental concerns.

Education and Community Engagement

DECF is not just a political entity; it’s also a community educator and organizer. By raising awareness about environmental issues, educating the public, and mobilizing community action, DECF is critical in building a well-informed and engaged citizenry ready to tackle environmental challenges.

Fostering a Green Economy

DECF understands the importance of transitioning to a green economy for sustainable development. By advocating for green jobs and sustainable industry practices, DECF contributes to an economic transformation that benefits the environment and Florida’s economy.

Global Impact, Local Action

While the fight against climate change is a worldwide effort, DECF exemplifies the importance of local action. By addressing environmental issues within Florida, DECF contributes to broader global efforts to combat climate change, setting an example for effective ecological stewardship at the local level.

The Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida is more than just a political group; it is a beacon of hope and action in the fight for a sustainable future. It matters because it stands at the intersection of policy, education, and community action, driving change that benefits Florida and contributes to global environmental efforts.

Get Involved: Your Action Matters

Florida is at a critical juncture, facing imminent threats from policy proposals that could harm our unique ecosystem irreparably. Florida needs your help. It’s time to unite and take decisive action to safeguard our precious natural resources for future generations.

Reach Out to Representatives

Make your voice heard by calling or emailing your representatives. Express your concerns and urge them to prioritize the protection of Florida.

Get Involved

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, an educator, or have other talents, your contribution can make a significant difference.


Financial support is crucial in our fight against non-ego-friendly policy. Every donation helps us continue our support, educational programs, and conservation efforts.

Attend & Spread the Word

Participate in our events to fortify our community and enhance awareness of conservation. Engage with us on social media, share our cause, and invite others to join – every voice amplifies our collective message for our environment.