Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida

Our Mission

DECF is dedicated to the election of outstanding Democratic candidates who will confront the urgent environmental and climate crisis through sound legislative environmental policy. 

DECF recognizes the importance of an informed and engaged electorate and is committed to providing accessible and accurate information on environmental issues, climate science, and on proposed environmental legislation to empower voters to make environmentally conscious choices at the ballot box.

DECF believes that electoral politics is key to addressing the environmental and climate challenges that we face.

Why Our Efforts Matter

The Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida (DECF) plays a crucial role in shaping a sustainable and equitable future for Florida, a state uniquely positioned at the forefront of environmental challenges and opportunities. Here’s why our caucus matters:

Advocacy at the Forefront of Climate Change

The Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida champions urgent action on climate change, ensuring it remains a top priority in political discourse to secure a safer future for our state.

Protection of Florida’s Natural Treasures

DECF safeguards Florida’s natural treasures, advocating for policies that sustain our diverse ecosystems, beaches, Everglades, and coral reefs for future generations.

Standing Up For Environmental Justice

Our mission is to prioritize environmental justice by advocating for fair distribution of benefits and burdens and supporting initiatives to uplift marginalized communities impacted by environmental degradation.

Get Involved: Your Action Matters

Florida is at a critical juncture, facing imminent threats from policy proposals that could harm our unique ecosystem irreparably. Florida needs your help. It’s time to unite and take decisive action to safeguard our precious natural resources for future generations.

Reach Out to Representatives

Make your voice heard by calling or emailing your representatives. Express your concerns and urge them to prioritize the protection of Florida.

Become A Member

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, an educator, or have other talents, your contribution can make a significant difference.

Donate to Our Mission

Every donation helps us continue our support, educational programs, and candidate recruitment efforts.

Get Involved

Participate in our events to fortify our community and enhance awareness of conservation.

A Message from DECF President:
John Capece, PhD